Help identify women in photo with Governor Morrow signing KY ratification of 19th Amendment

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As part of the planning for the 2020 Commemorations for Women's Suffrage Centennial here in Kentucky, the Kentucky Woman Suffrage Project is interested in identifying the individuals who attended the signing of the ratification bill in Kentucky for the "Susan B. Anthony" Amendment. The iconic photograph of the event (see the image archived at the Library of Congress: has been used in many places, but only two people in the image are usually identified: Kentucky Governor Edwin P. Morrow and Madeline McDowell Breckinridge who is standing at his right shoulder.

Who else was in this picture? 

We need help in identifying who is in attendance - we have some volunteers who are interested in recreating this scene as part of our celebrations in 2020. Please help! Contact us at if you have ideas, suggestions.

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Kentucky Woman Suffrage Project
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We have a winner! Dr. Melanie Goan and I believe that the woman standing behind Governor Morrow - with her hands resting on the back of his chair - is his wife, Kate. Kentucky's First Lady Katherine Hale Waddle Morrow had been active in the Kentucky Equal Rights Association: she participated in the KERA Republican Suffrage Plank Committee in 1916 and served as the Pulaski County ERA's president in 1917 before moving to Frankfort when her husband won the election in 1919. Here's a photo of Katherine W. Morrow that I found on the Shelby Society website - and I've included her gravesite in our "Honor a Kentucky suffragist" digital map, but we don't have much else information about her. Anybody have some more information about this First Lady of Kentucky?