Fuller, Paul E. “Suffragist Vanquished: Laura Clay and the Nineteenth Amendment.” The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society 93 (Winter 1995): 4-24.

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Author: Paul E. Fuller       

Article Title: Suffragist Vanquished: Laura Clay and the Nineteenth Amendment           

Journal: The Register of The Kentucky Historical Society

Publisher: The Kentucky Historical Society

Issue No.: 93

Pages: 4-24

Date of Publication: Winter 1995

Annotation: An article describing Laura Clay’s beliefs about the Nineteenth Amendment, that is part of a special issue focusing on Kentucky women's history and with a tribute to Paul Fuller, professor at Transylvania University. This article, together with the article by Melba Porter Hay on Madeline McDowell Breckinridge, contrasts the views of the two best known Kentucky suffragists. Clay was against the 19th Amendment, feeling that this change should come from the states, hence the title “Suffragist Vanquished.” Together, the two articles demonstrate how two women working for the same goal, could go about reaching that goal in such different ways.

Type of Source: Secondary Source