Knott, Claudia. “The Woman Suffrage Movement in Kentucky, 1879-1920.” PhD diss., University of Kentucky, 1989.

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Author(s)/Editor(s): Claudia Knott        

Title: The Woman Suffrage Movement in Kentucky, 1879-1920

Publisher: University of Kentucky, Ph.D. Diss.

Date of Publication: 1989

Annotation: This dissertation is an in-depth exploration of the push for woman suffrage in Kentucky. The work of the Clay sisters is featured, along with many other Kentucky women prominent in the suffrage movement, such as Madeline McDowell Breckinridge, and Josephine K. Henry. Knott not only gives a highly detailed account of events and people, but also describes how issues such as religion and race factored into suffrage ideology and work in Kentucky.

Type of Source: Secondary source