Thirteenth Annual KERA Convention

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The thirteenth annual KERA convention is held at Trinity Church in Covington. Officers include: Laura Clay (President), Mary Barr Clay (First Vice President), Mary Cramer (Second Vice President), Mrs. N.S. McLaughlin (Third Vice President), Anna Miller (Corresponding Secretary), Emma Roebuck (Recording Secretary), Isabella H. Shepard (Treasurer). Reports from locals including Paducah, Lancaster, Arlington, Richmond, the Twentieth Century Club of Covington, Bowling Green, Newport, Fayette County, Kenton County, Barbourville, and Hickman are submitted. Plans for the next year include working on school suffrage, presidential suffrage, equal guardianship of children, and working with the WCTU and Women's Clubs.


Kentucky Equal Rights Association. Minutes of the Thirteenth Annual Convention of the Kentucky Equal Rights Association Held at Trinity Church, Covington, KY, October 17-18, 1901. Lexington: 1903.