Fourth Annual KERA Convention

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The fourth annual KERA Convention is held in Liederkranz Hall in Louisville.  Officers include Laura Clay (President), Mary Barr Clay (1st Vice President), Hon. W.R. Ramsey (2nd Vice President), Caroline A. Leech (3rd Vice President), Eugenia Farmer (Corresponding Secretary), May R. Patterson (Recording Secretary), Isabella H. Shepard (Treasurer).  Local organizations included are: Fayette Equal Rights Association, Kenton County Equal Rights Association, Louisville Equal Rights Associaiton, Laurel County Equal Rights Association, Madison County Equal Rights Association, and Campbell County Equal Rights Association. Rev. Anna Howard Shaw is in attendance, and speaks on multiple occasions. 


Kentucky Equal Rights Association. Minutes of the Fourth Annual Convention, Held at Liederkranz Hall, Louisville, KY, 1891. Cincinnati: Rob’t T. Morris.