My Lovely Lady

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Hello again friends, 

Sorry I haven’t posted in while, unfortunately suffered an asthma attack early this week and ended up in the ER. But with the proper rest and medicine I am starting to feel much better!

The story I have for you this week is about a lovely lady, named Helen. At the time that I met her, she had absolutely no AC and we were in the midst of the hot, humid month of August, so familiar to Kentucky. I was there to help her get cooling and air sealing financed through the How$mart program. In one of our first interactions, she asked me were I was from and noticed I didn’t have a Kentucky accent. Many people ask that. I’ve grown up in Kentucky for most of my life (since age 6), and I’ve always stuck out for my midwest accent. 

She responded casually to me, saying we'd “get me an accent yet! Because,” she said, “you belong here, you’re one of us, and I love you.” She always tells me she loves me. (:  

Helen is a hero. And she definitely had no idea how important that was to me when she said it. Interacting with people day to day can be casual one moment, and ground breaking the next. Having someone point out your differences, but reinforce the fact that you belong where you are, completely changes your perspective and shows you that you're a part of something. People should do that more often. Helen called me this week to make sure I was feeling better, and I definitely am. Cheers ya’ll.