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Hello H-Net Kentucky friends! 

My name is Rachel Norton and I currently working at the Mountain Association of Community and Economic Development (MACED). I am a part of a program called How$mart where I perform home energy evaluations for low to moderate income families all over eastern Kentucky. We are able to provide on-bill financing through rural electric cooperatives in order to complete energy efficiency retrofits on their homes which saves them money and improves their quality of life. 

I also started my own home energy evaluating business called "Rachel Saves the World" here in Lexington, KY this past March. Hence the name of this blog. Although, this name is more than just a business name or title for a blog series, it's a way for me to announce my mission and constantly remind myself of what that is. Yes, it might be a bit open-ended right now. But I feel that's fair given how early I am in my career. I am 23.

I graduated from the University of Kentucky in May of 2015, and have since backpacked Europe, moved back home, worked 3 jobs at one time, try to get my own business off the ground, and somehow attained my job at MACED, bought a car, and aquired my family dog. So much has happend in this past year, I like to call it the year of perpetual tranistion. Times of great learning and much fun!

My current goal of writing this blog is to communicate my experiences in Kentucky as a whole. It's a great place, and I love telling stories about it. Can't wait to tell you more. Cheers! 


Welcome to H-Kentucky, Rachel Norton! Wonderful blog idea to keep us up to date on how people in eastern Kentucky are transitioning from its traditional approaches to energy resources in their homes -- and how the How$mart program at MACED is working from out in the field. 

"Rachel Saves The World" is a great name for your new company. Thanks for sharing it here with us at H-Kentucky as your new blog name too.  I'm so looking forward to reading your posts in future. We here at the University of Kentucky are really proud of you: a recent graduate from Biosystems Engineering!

Randolph Hollingsworth, Ph.D.
University of Kentucky
H-Kentucky network editor