Analyses and critiques of Trotsky's _History of the Russian Revolution_

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Can anyone here recommend, or even just identify, critical studies of Trotsky's HRR?

I have found few analyses or studies, critical or otherwise. In my experience it is usually either cited unproblematically or ignored.

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Have you already tried Aleksandr Reznik's Trotskii i tovarishchi. Levaia oppozitsiia i politicheskaia kul’tura
RKP(b), 1923-1924 gody?

Regarding Trotskii's HRR:

James D. White, “Early Soviet Historical Interpretations of the Russian Revolution 1918-24,” Soviet Studies 37:3 (1985): 330-352;

White, “Trotsky’s History of the Russian Revolution,” Journal of Trotsky Studies 1 (1993): 1-17.