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University of North Carolina 1939
Campus of University of North Carolina, 1939. Library of Congress.
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One of H-URBAN's continuing efforts has been to encourage discussion of teaching urban history and urban studies, including alternative approaches, methods, and tools. This center continues that effort by providing faculty and students easy access to the following in the hope that these provide ideas and information for work both in and out of the classroom:
Pedagogical and Teaching-Related Articles Syllabi Classroom-tested urban-related Syllabi
Teaching Tools
Teaching Aids like lesson plans and course design tutorials Instructor comments Index to Teacher Comments included with syllabi in the H-URBAN Teaching Center

Some of the goals H-URBAN has set for this web site are as follows:

  • to offer syllabi to assist in designing one's own course
  • to stimulate discussion on teaching urban history, whether as a separate course or as a topic integrated into general courses
  • to offer a dynamic view of academic urban history, both the themes and the literature
  • to assist students, educators, and researchers in using Internet tools effectively

Your comments or questions about this website or any of its contents are welcomed. Contact an H-URBAN Teaching Editor with your feedback or if you would like to submit contributions to the H-URBAN Teaching Center.

Refer to the Syllabus Submission and Use Policy for further information on resources donated to the Center.

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