TOC: Journal of Urban History November 2021 (vol. 47:6)

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Journal of Urban History

Volume 47, Number 6 / November 2021      


Who Owns The Lunger Building? Disease, Property, and the Limits of Accountability in Tenement Reform in St. Louis, 1832-1917

Taylor Hadley Desloge

What Were World's Fairs For? Catalysts for Trade-Based Urban Development in the Second Industrial Revolution

Miriam Levin

Upscaling, Obduracy, and Underground Parking in Maastricht (1965-Present): Is There a Way Out?

Jelena Stanković, Marc Dijk, Anique Hommels

Hanse Cultural Geography and Communal Identity in Late-Medieval City Views of Lübeck

Laura Tillery

The Industrious, the Laboring, and the Sunken: Berlin’s Mietskaserne and the Housing Question

Isabel Rousset

The Montgomery Bus Boycott and the Racial Basis for Interstate Highways and Urban Renewal

Rebecca Retzlaff

Ruth Harris: A Reticent Disrupter in St. Louis Public Schools’ Stowe Teachers College during Jim Crow Era

Vanessa Garry

Review Essays

 Navigating Metaphors, Governing Analogies: Ideas and Institutions in Urban Political History

Daniel London

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The End of Urban Crisis? Decentering the Crisis Paradigm in Post-World War II US Urban Historiography

Ryan Donovan Purcell

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Looking for a “True Metropolis”

Paul Steege

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Sporting Los Angeles: How the Olympics and Other Games Created America’s Most Glamorous City

Travis Vogan

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Reshaping New York’s Landscape

Stephen Petrus

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Loan Sharks, Mortgage Bankers, and Bond Financiers: New Perspectives on Banking in American Cities

Destin Jenkins

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Rightwing Populism and the White Neighborhood

Michael Koncewicz

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Diversity and Coexistence in the Premodern Towns of East Central Europe

Curtis Murphy

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