March 2021 TOC Journal of Urban History Vol. 47 No. 2

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Special Section


Resilience in Seaports

Guest Editor: Carola Hein and Dirk Schubert


Introduction: Resilience, Disaster and Rebuilding in Modern Port Cities


            Carola Hein, Dirk Schubert                               


Resilience, Path Dependence and the Port: The Case of Savannah


            Stephen Ramos                                                


St. Petersburg Port through Disasters: Challenges and Resilience


            Kirill B. Nazarenko and Maria A. Smirnova            


The Resilience of the Port Cities of Trieste, Rijeka and Koper


            Lucija Ažman Momirski                                           


Agents of Change in a Changing World: Treaty Port Nagasaki and the Limitations of Local Resilience


            Jessa Dahl                                                      


Social Resilience in Disaster Recovery Planning for Fishing Port Cities: a comparative study of pre-war and twenty-first-century tsunami recovery planning in the northern part of Japan


            Izumi Kuroishi                                               


The Port of Hamburg in the 1940s and 1950s: Physical Reconstruction and Political Restructuring in the Aftermath of World War II


            Christoph Strupp                                            


The Lisbon Waterfront: perspectives on resilience in the transition from the 20th to the 21st Century

            Pedro R. Garcia                                             


Resilience and Path dependence - A comparative study of the port cities of London, Hamburg and Philadelphia


            Carola Hein, Dirk Schubert                           





Architecture Beyond Ideology: The Politics of Forgotten Landmarks in Communist East Germany

Andrew Demshuk                                                      



Review Essays


Who is an Urbanist?


            Ian Klaus                                


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Ordinary Whiteness: Affect, Kinship, and the Moral Economy of Privilege


            Ana Y. Ramos-Zayas                        


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New Directions in the Study of Urban Slavery


            Andrea Mosterman                          


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