Technonatures and Urban Transformation

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On the 27th - 28th of january, Danish Center for Urban History is hosting this seminar, bringing together leading researchers in urban history, technology and environment

The aim is to connect recent concepts in environmental and technological history to adress processes of urban transformations anew. In urban history, scholars have always engaged with questions concerning urban change and development. The material and technological fabric of cities change over time and so do the structures of urban governance, power and everyday life. Whereas scholars have in recent years increasingly attempted to grasp the complex socio-natural and technical assemblages of cities, studies dealing with questions of urban transformation and change within urban history have often remained concentrated on political actors or broader social and economic changes.

Talks will include: 

  • Chris Otter (The Ohio State University): “Planetary agglomeration: Scale, causation, and the urban question”
  • Dorothee Brantz (Technische Universität Berlin): “Bellicose urban ecologies: The techno-nature of Berlin’s Teufelsberg”
  • Matthew Gandy (University of Cambridge): “Urban political ecology: Assemblages, lacunae, contestations”
  • Kate Brown (Massachusetts Institute of Technology): “Self-provisioning cities”

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See full programme at the Danish Center for Urban History website

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Mikkel Høghøj and  Mikkel Thelle, Aarhus University