January 2021 TOC Journal of Urban History

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The Journal of Urban History is pleased to announce the table of contents for the January 2021 issue.


Journal of Urban History

Volume 47, Number 1/January 2021 




Fred Trump, the Ku Klux Klan, and Grassroots Redlining in Interwar America


Oliver Ayers


The Origin of Informality in a Brazilian Planned City: Belo Horizonte 1889-1900


Daniel L. McDonald


Of Private and Social in Socialist Cities: The Individualizing Turn in Housing in Medium-Sized City in Socialist Yugoslavia


Pieter Troch


The Evolution and Transformation of Bankside, London, 1947-2019


Stephen Murray


The Making of New York’s Avenue of the Americas: Transnational Circuits of Urban Renewal


Marcio Siwi


The City within the City: A Glimpse of Elite Formation in Deptford, London and Dadaocheng, Taipei


Niki J. P. Alsford


Mobilization of the Masses: Dutch Planners, Local Politics, and the Threat of the Motor Age 1960-1980


Tim Verlaan



Cultural Values and Urban Planning in China: Evidence of Constraints and Agency in the Development of the Historic City of Yangzhou


Xu Huang and Jan van Weesep


Review Essays


The Politics of a Transnational Built Environment


            Jiat-Hwee Chang                               


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Towards a More “Purple” U.S. Political History: Continuity and Consensus in Post 1960’s Metropolitan America


            Charlotte Rosen                                 


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Social Planning in a Physical World


            Joel E. Black and Ruth L. Steiner


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New Directions in Carceral Studies

            Hilary L. Coulson

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Reckoning with Regionalism: Race, Place, and Power in Urban History

            P. Nicole King

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Model, Medium, and Metaphor: Planning and Design Confront the Natural World

            Meredith Reitan

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Contesting Los Angeles: Nodes of Race, Space, and Power in the Modern City

            Jean-Paul R. Contreras deGuzman

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