TOC: Journal of Urban History 45:3 (May 2019)

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The Journal of Urban History is pleased to announce the table of contents for the May 2019 issue.


Journal of Urban History

Volume 45, Number 3/May 2019




A Right to Housing in the Suburbs: James v. Valtierra and the Campaign Against Economic Discrimination


Aaron Cavin 


The Landscape of Early Automobile Registration and Licensing Laws


Ellen Hostetter


Branch School Buildings in the St. Louis Public Schools District: Tools to Support the Segregative Neighborhood School Policy of the St. Louis Board of Education


Claude Weathersby


Pre-Colonial Origins of Urban Spaces in the West African Sahel


           Monika Baumanova  


A Hotel of Her Own: Building by and for the New Woman, 1900-1930


Nikki Mandell 


Guadalupe, Spain: The Organic Growth of the Monastery and the Morphology of a Medieval Village


Jose-Carlos Salcedo


John Lindsay, the Association for a Better New York, and the Privatization of New York City, 1969-1973


            Joe Merton


Community Prejudice Is Also to Blame: Significant Causes and Effects of Residential Segregation in St. Louis


            Tesa Rigel Hines





Review Essays


What is the Urban Landscape and What Role in Urban History?

            Thaisa Way

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The Future of Preserving the Past: Defining Value (and Values) of Historic Preservation

Richard Anderson

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Living in the City: Urban Politics, Community Activism, and Black Power


            Charissa Threat  


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Urban Reflections of National Life


            Angela Zombek  


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Politicizing Youth: Police, Politics, and Gangs in the late-Twentieth-Century City


            Max Felker-Kantor


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The Future of Cities:  The End of Marxism and the Promise of Green Urbanism

            John Gilderbloom

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Revisiting Progressive Era Lessons For Understanding Today


            Andrew Theising


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