April 23 Boston Seminar on Modern American Society & Culture: Boston’s North End

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The Boston Seminar on Modern American Society and Culture Presents:


Boston’s North End: Post-World War II Italian Immigration, Segmented Assimilation, and the “Problem of Cornerville”


Tuesday, April 23

5:15PM - 7:30PM

Massachusetts Historical Society, 1154 Boylston St., Boston, MA


Author: James Pasto, Boston University

Comment: Marilynn Johnson, Boston College


This paper examines the dynamics and impact of Italian immigration in the North End via the lens of segmented assimilation. Depending on age, gender, parental style, and opportunity, some immigrants assimilated “downward” into the Italian American street culture of the neighborhood, becoming more susceptible to the drug abuse and violence of the ‘70s and ‘80s, while others assimilated “upward” into a new Italian identity tied to the North End’s gentrification as an Italian neighborhood.


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