TOC: Journal of Urban History 45:2 (March 2019)

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The Journal of Urban History is pleased to announce the table of contents for the March 2019 issue.


Journal of Urban History

Volume 45, Number 2/March 2019




Buzz and Pipelines: Knowledge and Decision-Making in a Global Business Services Precinct


Simon Ville and Claire Wright 


Phoenix and the Fight over the Papago-Inner Loop: Race, Class, and the Making of a Suburban Metropolis, 1969-1979


Nicholas Di Taranto 


Junkies and Jim Crow: The Boggs Act of 1951 and the Racial Transformations of the New Orleans Heroin Market, 1947-1960


Amund Talkkaksen 


Power and Identity: The Case of Islamabad


Saboohi Sarshar 


Reconstructing the Jehus: How Telegraph tamed “the Hack Nuisance” in San Francisco


Donald Anderson 


Property Rights, Redevelopment Areas, and Toronto Ratepayer Associations in the 1950s


Paul Hess and Robert Lewis


“A Bigoted, Prejudiced, Hateful Little Area”: The Making of an All-White Suburb in the Deep North


Chad Montrie 

Belonging to the City: Representations of a Colonial Clock Tower in British Hong Kong

Catherine Chan 


“Dominant Decision-Making Authority”: Resident Leadership in St. Louis, Missouri Model Cities Planning


Sarah Siegel

Metropolitan Living: The Los Angeles Parklabrea Apartments

Aaron Cayer 


Review Essays 


Contemplating the Standard-Market Dichotomy: School Reforms, Markets, and Politics

Shanshan Jiang 

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American Cities in the Age of Inequality

Chris Rasmussen 

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Place or Non-Place: The Relationship Between Cities and Their Airports

Janet Bednarek 


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Perspectives on Southeast Asian Urbanism

Johnathan Farris 


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Rolling with Meaning: The Perception of the Bicycle Throughout Urban History

Charles Hobbs 

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Crime in Berlin During the German Empire, the Weimar Republic, and Under Allied Occupation


Richard Bodek 


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How To Do Urban Sensory History

 Aimee Boutin 

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The Meaning of Growth: Chinese Urbanization, from the Policy to the Personal

 Daniel Abramson 


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