TOC: Journal of Urban History 45:1 (January 2019)

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The Journal of Urban History is pleased to announce the table of contents for the January 2019 issue.


Journal of Urban History

Volume 45, Number 1/January 2019




“The Pursuit of Happiness:” Black Reform Efforts in John T. Clark’s Urban Leauge

Adam Cilli


The Environmental Roots of Urban Renewal in Boston

Michael Brennan


Cultural Keys to the Evolution of Spanish Urbanism

Miguel Torres Garcia


“Imagining an Old City in Nineteenth-Century France:” Urban Renovation, Civil Society, and the Making of Vieux Lyon

Patrick Luiz DeOliveria


“Urban Renewal by the Sea:” Reinventing the Beach for the Suburban Age in Postwar Los Angeles

Elsa Devienne 


“From Modern to Postmodern:” Skyscraper Urbanism and the rise of Historic Preservation in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth, 1969-1988

James P. Lesh


Review Essays


Constructed Nature and Social Space: Recent Work in French Enviro-Urban History

         Nicole Rudolph

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Richard C. Keller (2015). Fatal Isolation: The Devastating Paris Heat Wave of 2003. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 240 pp., illustrations, notes, bibliography, index,  $35.00 (cloth).


New Orleans in Two Eras of Change and Prejudice: Prelude or Protent?

            Alecia P. Long

Nathalie Dessens (2015). Creole City: A Chronicle of Early American New Orleans. Gainesville, FL:  University of Florida Press, 269 + xiii pp., illustrations, notes, bibliography, index, $74.95 cloth.


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Religious Responses to Division and Diversity

            Thomas F. Rzeznik

R. Scott Hanson (2016). City of Gods: Religious Freedom, Immigration, and Pluralism in Flushing, Queens. New York: Empire State Editions, 309 + xxii pp., illustrations, notes, bibliography, index, $135.00 cloth, $35.00 paper.


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Interesting Times for Chinese Cities: Insights into Chinas Urban Transfromations

        Gregory Bracken

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Re-assessing the legacy of twentieth-century new towns

      Filippo De Pieri  

Helen Meller, Heleni Porfyriou, eds, Planting New Towns in Europe in the Interwar Years: Experiments and Dreams for Future Societies (Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016)

Loïc Vadelorge, Retour sur les villes nouvelles: une histoire urbaine du XXe siècle (Paris: Créaphis, 2014)


Rosemary Wakeman, Practicing Utopia: An Intellectual History of the New Town Movement (Chicago:  University of Chicago Press, 2016)

Stephen V. Ward, The Peaceful Path: Building Garden Cities and New Towns (Hatfield: University of Hertfordshire Press, 2016)