Summer Schools at Global Urban Studies / University of Copenhagen, July and August 2019

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Announcing two international summer schools (BA and MA-levels, 7.5 ECTS and 15 ECTS). Deadline for applications: 1st of April 2019.

URBAN CULTURE IN THEORY AND ACTION (24th of July to 16th of August 2019; 15 ECTS; open to BA- and MA-level students)

During this summer school in the heart of Copenhagen, students from across the world get an opportunity to move from analysing problems in urban societies to creating possible solutions and identifying potentials in urban space by formulating and planning research-based projects.

Organized in collaboration with Strøm music festival and other partners in Copenhagen, the summer school combines academic theory with the experiences and know-how of seasoned practitioners to help the students formulate, plan and execute cultural or social projects in urban space. The aim of the course is thus to give students the tools for translating their academic skills and knowledge into concrete projects for change in cities.

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CULTURAL PRODUCTION AND URBAN SPACE (30th of July to 15th of August 2019; 7.5 ECTS; open to BA- and MA-level students)

This summer school puts cultural production and event-making in urban space under the analytical scrutiny of critical urban theory. The aim of the summer school is to enable students to examine and assess the role of the cultural industry, broadly speaking, within existing political paradigms of urban development such as “creative cities”, “liveability” and “the experience economy” of cities.

By means of theoretical perspectives and urban ethnographic methods, students will learn to analyse the symbolic, emotional and socioeconomic dimensions of cultural production in urban space through fieldwork and workshops organised in collaboration with our partners, including the music festival Strøm.

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