ToC: Journal of Urban History March 2023 (Volume 50: no. 2)

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Table of Contents

The Journal of Urban History is pleased to announce the table of contents for the March 2023


Journal of Urban History

Volume 50, Number 2/March 2023



The Urban Spatial Pattern of the Pseudo-Colonial City in Southeast Asia: A Case Study of the Eastern Area of Bangkok, Thailand, during the Thai-Imperialism Period (1855-1932)

            Nicha Tantivess and David Edelman


The Second Line of the Leningrad/ Saint Petersburg Metro between Old and New Urban Structures

            Phillip Schroeder


Recognizing Principles of Integrated Urban Planning in Historical Development of the City: A Case Study of Banja Luka

            Brankica Milojevic and Igor Kuvac                                                                                                  

Dams and the Age of Abundance: Hydraulic Boosterism, Regional Growth, and the Reemergence of Water Scarcity in Central Texas

Andrew M. Busch


Planning Practice in Latin America: The Legacy of the Traveler Urbanists and Other Vertical Dialogues

            Fernanda Cantarim and Clovis Ultramari                                         


“Snet,” Our Man in Miami: Urban Tourism, Illegal Gambling, and the Challenge of a Sinful Southern City, 1941-1944   

Keith Revell


Goon Squad Democracy? The Rise of Vigilant Citizenship through Victim Support and Neighborhood Watches in Amsterdam (1980-1990)

            Willem De Jong


“We Are without God Now”: Benign Neglect and Planned Destruction of Brooklyn’s Bushwick Neighborhood

            Mario Hernandez       


How and Why U.S. Single-Family Housing Became an Investor Asset Class

            Brett Christophers


Review Essays


Socialist Architecture and Planning as Global Expertise

Juliana Maxim

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University Press, xvi + 329 pp., $39.95 (hardback).


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Vladimir Kulić, ed. (2019). Second World Postmodernisms: Architecture and Society under Late

Socialism. London: Bloomsbury, xii + 254 pp., $102 (hardback).



“Natural and Cultural Treasures”: On Access and Activism in Building Urban Park Systems in Seattle and New York/ New Jersey

Erin Becker-Boris

Robert O. Binnewies (2021). Palisades: The People’s Park. New York: Fordham University

Press, 424 pp., illustrations, index, $39.95 paper, $38.99 (e-book).


Jennifer Ott, ed. (2019). Olmsted in Seattle: Creating a Park System for a Modern City. Seattle:

History Link / Documentary Media, 155 pp., bibliography, index, illustrations, maps, $29.95 (paper).


Economies of Scale: Civic Space and Civil Rights in the Modern Consumer City

Elizabeth White Nelson

Traci Parker (2019). Department Stores and the Black Freedom Movement – Workers,

Consumers, and Civil Rights from the 1930s to the 1980s. Chapel Hill: The University of North

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Emily Remus (2019). A Shoppers’ Paradise: How the Ladies of Chicago Claimed Power and

Pleasure in the New Downtown. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 231 pp., illustrations,

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Good Trouble

Chris Rasmussen

Erik S. Gellman (2020). Troublemakers: Chicago Freedom Struggles through the Lens of Art

Shay. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 224 pp., illustrations, acknowledgments, notes,

index, $35.00 (cloth).   


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Kathryn Schumaker (2019). Troublemakers: Students’ Rights and Racial Justice in the Long

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