Journal of Urban History TOC- July 2022

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The Journal of Urban History is pleased to announce the table of contents for the July 2022 issue.


Journal of Urban History

Volume 48, Number 4 / July 2022  


Dangerous Librarians: The Survival of Branch Libraries in New York’s Fiscal Crisis

Julia Rabig

From Black Power to Broken Windows: Liberal Philanthropy and the Carceral State

Sam Collings-Wells

The Enclosure of the Ejidos of Bogotá Imperial Wars and the End of Common Lands in Colonial New Granada

Constanza Castro Benavides

The Transformation of Private Space in the Later Middle Ages: Rooms and Living Standards in the Kingdom of Valencia (1280-1450)

Luis Almenar Fernández, Antonio Belenguer González

Portugal’s Rising Research in Architecture and Urbanism: The Influence of International Research Centres and Authors

Partrícia Bento D'Almeida, Teresa Marat-Mendes, Michel Toussaint

Berlin Not for Sale: The Film Lens as a Tool of Urban Exploration in 1960s West Berlin

Laura Bowie

The Development Discourse During Socialist Romania in Visual Representations of the Urban Area

Oana-Ramona Ilovan

Carefree Streets as Negotiated Play Spaces in Tokyo

Anthony Murithi Njeru

Urbanizing Camels: Camels in Beijing, 1900-1937

Lei Zhang

Review Essays

Asian Cities: Armature, Enclave, Heterotopia

Gregory Bracken

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Understanding Chicago’s Latino Communities Through Religion, Politics, and Identity

Lilia Fernandez 

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Saving the Barrio: Immigration and Social Movements in Latino Urban History

Felipe Hinojosa

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The Intersection of Sexuality, Privacy, and Protest After World War II

Danielle Dumaine 

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