Workshop Report "Rethinking the Histories and Legacies of Industrial Cities", University of Luxembourg, C²DH, 10-11 December 2020

The history of (Western) European industrial cities is often told as a tragic tale of rise and decline: from rapid industrialisation in the late 19th century and economic prosperity during the Trente glorieuses,

Olmsted 200 - Student Essay Competition

To celebrate the bicentennial of the birth of Frederick Law Olmsted (1822-1903), the National Association for Olmsted Parks announces a Student Essay Competition. 

Frederick Law Olmsted was a landscape architect, author, farmer, journalist, city planner, public official, and creative genius who transformed the landscape of American cities. For over 100 years, he and the successor design firm bearing his name completed thousands of park, greenspace, campus, arboretum, institutional and residential projects across America.

IDEAS AT HOME. Housing Concepts in Architecture

In recent years, housing research has spurred a growing interest from architectural historians, theorists and practitioners alike. However, housing studies are still developed mostly outside the field of architecture. The discourse on housing is nowadays taken over mainly by developers, social activists, policy makers and administrators, who reason mostly under the pressure of immediate practicality.

A new issue of Urbana-Urban Affairs & Public Policy - ISSN 2151-1896

We are glad to announce the 2020 edition of Urbana-Urban Affairs & Public Policy, vol XXI. Urbana is an editorial board reviewed multi-disciplinary open-access scholarly journal focusing on urban issues worldwide, including, but not limited to, urban geography, urban planning, urban history, city politics, urban environmental policy, the political economy of cities, metropolitan development,  cities, and international relations, and literary views of cities.  Foremost, this journal is an academic forum for the' urban realm' presentation and discussion.


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