Research Query - Relationship between Urban Renewal and Municipal Finances

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I'm working on a history of urban renewal in New York State and a research question has arisen regarding the relationship between urban renewal and municipal finances. Essentially, if an urban renewal area remained cleared and vacant for several years, that had to affect property tax revenue. And increased spending on urban renewal would've affected the other side of the income statement as well.

Query: Failed Urban Renewal Sites

I am in search of any literature on failed federal urban renewal projects.  By “failed” I mean those projects for which land was cleared, but little or nothing was rebuilt and the renewal area remained vacant.  Although some of these projects were restarted later, they remained vacant for decades.  Thank you! Stacy Sewell  ssewell@stac.edu

Call for manuscripts: The City as Place: Emotions, Experiences, and Meanings (ed. Rebecca Madgin and Nicolas Kenny)

Peter Lang is now accepting submissions for a new series, The City as Place: Emotions, Experiences, and Meanings (edited by Dr Rebecca Madgin of the University of Glasgow and Dr Nicolas Kenny of Simon Fraser University).

8.1 Gentrification and Heritage Conservation 

8.1 Gentrification and Heritage Conservation 

Change Over Time is pleased to announce the launch of issue 8.1 Gentrification and Heritage Conservation. This issue provides a valuable contribution to a more rigorous discourse and, we hope, constructive action regarding the gentrification/conservation intersection. Through various lenses of policy, history, climate change, and community development the articles in this issue critically examine conservation as an agent of neighborhood change.


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