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Panel participants for the First Biennial Conference on Iranian Studies: Historic and Contemporary relations of Iran with Asia & Oceania

We are inviting participants to a panel focusing on "Historic and Contemporary relations of Iran with Asia & Oceania: An Interdisciplinary Approach". Here the term Asia refers to its classical and academic definition which too includes South Asia, Southeast Asia and East Asia.

Asia-Pacific Studies Meeting 9 June (Sunday) Osaka University

Dear Colleagues:

We will hold the following meeting on 9 June at Osaka University (Toyonaka Campus).

If you wish to participate in the meeting, please contact me in advance: Yone Sugita (




Asia-Pacific Studies Meeting (Project Representative: Yoneyuki Sugita, Osaka University)

(アジア太平洋研究会:研究代表:大阪大学 杉田米行)

Workshop on book project

“Black Swan, White Crane – Lessons from Paradoxes and

Particularities in Japan’s Development”

Osaka University

Julia Anne Stephens
David Gilmartin

Gilmartin on Stephens, 'Governing Islam: Law, Empire, and Secularism in South Asia'

Julia Anne Stephens. Governing Islam: Law, Empire, and Secularism in South Asia. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018. xiii + 220 pp. $28.99 (paper), ISBN 978-1-316-62628-3.

Reviewed by David Gilmartin (North Carolina State University) Published on H-Asia (May, 2019) Commissioned by Sumit Guha (The University of Texas at Austin)

EASTM: New Issue #49 Published

The latest issue #49 of the Journal of EAST ASIAN SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY AND MEDICINE is published and available online at

Table of Contents

Note from the Editor by CATHERINE JAMI


Texts and Technologies in Chinese Silver Metallurgy, Twelfth to Nineteenth Centuries by YUDA YANG and NANNY KIM

Storax, Benzoin, and the Chinese Anxi xiang by STEPHEN G. HAW


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