What to do if my post has not appeared online?

What can I do, if my post (announcement, cfp, query) to H-ASIA has not appeared online after about 48 hours?

  • Check your e-mail for a message from H-Net Notifications <drupaladmin@mail.h-net.msu.edu> and follow the link in the message OR
  • Go to https://networks.h-net.org/ (Log in if necessary), go to the right-hand menu  and click on "Content".
  • The page shows a list of all content you have posted: title, type, network,  date, and status
  • Find the post in question and check status.
    • "Posted" - the post is online
    • "Needs revision" - the item has not been posted, because the editor asks for modifications or additional information
    • "Rejected" - the item has not been posted

What to do if my post "needs revision" or was "rejected"?

  • Click the title of the post to open it.
  • Click "Moderaton history" in the right-hand menu for an explanation.

How can I make changes to my post?

  • You can edit your post by clicking "Edit draft" in the menu.
  • Modify your post and click "Submit to editor."
  • Posts are frequently returned because your H-Net profile is empty. H-ASIA's policy requires some information in the H-Net profile (cf. About H-Asia/subscription requirements).

Pleae note: After adding information to your profile, you need to resubmit the post. Editors do not get notifications when you change your profile, so the only way to check this would require the editors to go through all the posts returned for revisions individually and check the profile.

Questions? Contact the editors at  editorial-asia@mail.h-net.msu.edu