Managing your account settings on H-ASIA


The image above shows [a version of] what each subscriber will see by clicking on the top-right arrow when logged in to H-Net. This is your key to navigating through and managing your H-Net account. A short explanation of each menu item is provided below.

Ryan Dunch
H-ASIA co-editor
May, 2014

NOTE: The menu has changed since this page was created, but the main elements are still as described below. RD March 2016

My H-Net
Gives links to recent content in the networks to which you subscribe. You can edit the layout of this page according to your preferences – see for how to do this.

Is where you can change your password, email address, profile picture and location setting.

Is where you can edit your profile.

Navigates to the list of the networks to which you are subscribed. There is no need to search for H-Asia through  all 160+ H-Net networks listed at if you click here.

Shows your notifications setting (individual posts, daily digest, no notifications) for each network to which you subscribe. Includes a vacation option to “temporarily disable notifications” without changing the settings for each one.

This is really useful if you are active in posting to your networks. It lists all the content you have submitted via H-Net, across all networks, including rejected posts and posts needing revision. Clicking on an individual entry will link you to your posts and the comments (if any) from the moderator. IF YOU HAVE SUBMITTED A POST AND IT HAS NOT APPEARED, PLEASE CHECK HERE FOR COMMENTS FROM THE MODERATOR.

Saved Searches
There is a lot of content already on the H-Net Commons, and it will grow rapidly now that most of the H-Net networks have moved over to it. For example, a search for “Tiananmen” gives 25 hits across 12 networks. If you save that search you can return to it in future via the “saved searches” button and update it with a single click – potentially a powerful tool.

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