Requested formats for some common H-Asia post types

Empty profile

In order to publish your posts to H-ASIA, we need your profile to include some basic information about you -- not necessarily a lot, but something to say where you are and ideally what your area of interest within Asian studies is. Please add information to your profile before submitting a post. You will find the "Edit Profile" link under "My Profile" at the top right of your screen.

Member publication

We allow authors/editors/contributors (NOT publishers) to post a notice of their own publications to H-ASIA. To keep these announcements consistent, we ask for the following format:
 -In the subject line (title) write "Member book, lastname, book title"
 - a note on the fact that the book has been published
- full bibliographic details including pagination and ISBNs (but no price)
- a paragraph or two on the book (please avoid 'publisher's blurbs' - if you need to use 'blurb', convert it to first person)
- table of contents
- a "For further information" with URL for your publisher or distributor.

TOC post

These are accepted from editors or publishers. To keep these announcements consistent, we ask for the following format:
 - In the subject line (title) write "TOC Journal-title, vol, issue (year)"
 - a note on the fact that the has appeared and a url link to the online version (if available)
 - a plain-text listing of the issue’s contents (article title, author name[s]).
 - Pagination may be included but is not required.
 - Please omit or remove additional information, including links to each article, DOI citations, date of online publication, etc.
 - if a long list of book reviews is included in the journal issue, please include “Book reviews” as a final contents line, but do not include a list of the reviews published (or links to them).

Repeat/reminder announcements

In general we discourage repeat or reminder announcements on H-Asia, given that H-Asia is not a listserv and the initial post remains accessible and searchable for all readers. The editors will consider allowing a reminder post if there is compelling reason for it, such as a significant lapse of time since the first announcement, or (better) a substantial change to the event or new information about it. In such cases the new announcement should be submitted as a "reply" to the original announcement, without repeating all the information found in the original.