Template for Digital Asia entry

Please use the template below for any links submitted to H-Asia.

Digital Asia is a listing of open access digital humanities academic projects on any aspect of Asian Studies.

How to add your project to the Digital Asia page:

1. Make sure you are logged in to H-Net and subscribed to H-Asia (see here for steps)

2. Make sure your H-Net profile includes your name and institution (at a minimum).

3. Copy the template below, go to links, click “add a link.” Paste the template into the “Description” text box.

4. Enter in your title and the url for your site. Enter the information required in the template (please keep your "synopsis" to a line or two -- enough to draw readers to your page, not a full description).

5. Choose the best terms to classify your project (one term from each of the three lists of categories below).

6. Add keywords related to your projects content. Click “preview” then “submit to editor.”

7. You will receive an email notification when your post has been published. If revisions are requested, please click on the link in the notification email, read the editor’s comments, and respond accordingly.

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Which one term below best fits your site? (note -- only open-access scholarly sites will be listed, and H-Asia editors will make the final decision regarding which category best fits your site)

Digital humanities research project
Research resource
Teaching resource
Academic media
Academic association

Category terms: 1.                                              2.                                                             3.                                          
(required – select the ONE term from each list below that best fits your project and paste them in here. The subject terms will not be ideal for all needs, but these are for higher-level sorting only -- choose the best one, and add more precise terms as keywords.)

1. Region2. Intended use3. Subject
South AsiaResearchPolitics
Southeast AsiaTeachingHistory
East AsiaOther useCulture
Other region Language
  Other subject