A Scholarly Review of Chinese Studies in North America

Note: Published as an appendix to this admirable volume is a name glossary of English to Chinese names for Chinese Studies scholars

Zhang, Haihui and Xue, Zhaohui and Jiang, Shuyong and Lugar, Gary Lance (2013) English/Chinese Comparison Table for Names of Chinese Studies Scholars [ 北美中国研究学者英中姓名对照 ]. In: A Scholarly Review of Chinese Studies in North America = 北美中国研究综述. Association for Asian Studies (AAS). ISBN 978-0-924304-72-9

This free resource is externally hosted at http://d-scholarship.pitt.edu/17682/, and it is updated regularly.

According to a note on the website, the original list was developed as a by-product of the work, "Chinese Studies in North America - Research and Resources" (Beijing: Zhonghua Book Company, 2010), and was included in that book as an appendix.

According to the website, "For corrections, comments and updates, please send emails to Haihui Zhang (Librarian for Chinese studies at East Asian Library, University Library System at University of Pittsburgh) at haihuiz@pitt.edu." In correspondence, Haihui Zhang has confirmed that corrections or submissions of additional names are welcomed from Chinese Studies scholars in any part of the world.