CFP: MARAAS 2022 Annual Meeting (October 1–2 at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia)

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MARAAS at 50: Where Is Asian Studies Now?

Date: October 1–2, 2022

Location: University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia)

CFP Deadline: May 23, 2022

Decisions: Late June

As we celebrate the 50th annual meeting of the Mid-Atlantic Region of the Association for Asian Studies, we consider this question: Where is Asian studies now?

This question invites us to reflect, first, on the inspiring development of Asian studies departments and programs throughout the mid-Atlantic region over the last half-century. From expanded library collections to enhanced language training programs, Asian studies in the mid-Atlantic region is thriving even as significant room for growth remains.

The question also invites rumination on the state of our field. What does it mean to study Asia today? Recent trends in transnational studies, blue humanities, and digital humanities offer just some of the enticing areas of cutting-edge research in our field. What are the intellectual horizons of this recent research, and what possibilities lie just beyond them?

Finally, asking where Asian studies is now continues the work begun in pioneering initiatives like the “Global Asias” approach. How can Asian studies benefit from cutting-edge work in Asian American studies? When does “Asia” not simply refer to the world’s largest landmass? And what political work does the adjective “Asian” do when considered in light of global structures of capital and attendant notions of race, class, and social status?

The 50th meeting of MARAAS will take place on October 1 and 2 at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

We welcome applications for panels of 3–4 people as well as individual paper submissions. Panel proposals may include a discussant, and members of panels may be from the same institution.

Please visit the conference website to submit paper or panel proposals by May 23, 2022.

We look forward to seeing you in Philadelphia this October! 


Jolyon Thomas

Associate Professor of Religious Studies, University of Pennsylvania

Conference Manager, MARAAS 2022 Annual Conference

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Dear colleagues,

Recognizing that the end of the term is a tough time for all, we have decided to extend the deadline for this CFP until June 15th. Please consider submitting your panel or paper proposals by that date.

We look forward to welcoming you to Philadelphia in October!

Jolyon Thomas
Associate Professor of Religious Studies, University of Pennsylvania
Conference Manager, MARAAS 2022 Annual Meeting