Multigenerational psychological trauma inflicted by the Chinese genocide

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A new report on the immense, multigenerational psychological trauma inflicted by the Chinese government on Uyghur children (some sources say 500,000 children may have been confiscated), and on millions of Uyghur parents and others: 

"Uyghur kids recall physical and mental torment at Chinese boarding schools in Xinjiang." Emily Feng, on NPR's All Things Considered, February 3, 2022.

Especially striking in this particular story is the observations on how the Chinese genocide project mobilizes the targeted victims themselves --even children-- to punish each other by violent means, in detention. The resulting spiral of violence is a recurring pattern inside the Chinese camp system as well -- (and, I would argue, throughout Chinese society, although it is obscured to some extent by widespread 'learned helplessness').

Many other recent documents/reports also speak to the massive trauma in children and separated families, caused by the Chinese government's current genocide, f.ex.:

"UHRP Documents Continuing Assimilationist Policy Targeting Uyghur Children." January 27, 2022.

"Uyghur Children Face Legacy of Trauma Caused by Mass Incarceration Campaign. Parents and experts say the impact of detentions will last for generations to come." RFA, 2021-03-22.

+ More related documents here:  -- incl. highlights section on Family Separations, etc .

We need more research by psychologists, genocide trauma experts, psychological anthropologists, and others, on the deep trauma now being inflicted by the Chinese regime, as well as, on the related questions about how this massive wave of genocidal terror was intentionally set in motion by the current Chinese leaders, cruelly instructing lower authorities to "show no mercy" in carrying it out. I'm convinced that some of the latter questions about the Chinese perpetrators and top genocidaire leaders also will demand psychological insights. 

Magnus Fiskesjö