Position, Post-Doctoral fellowship in ERC-funded Textual Microcosms project, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Asian Studies
Post-Doctoral fellowship in ERC-funded Textual Microcosms project

The European Research Council (ERC) project Textual Microcosms: A New Approach in Translation Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and under the direction of Prof. Ronit Ricci, is offering Post-Doctoral fellowships beginning in the 2022-2023 academic year (starting date: October 1, 2022).

Successful candidates will be part of a unique interdisciplinary team. The project combines approaches from the fields of history, religious studies, literature, art history, linguistics and philology.  It focuses on interlinear translations, texts in one language that include a translation into another written between the lines, as practiced between the 16th-20th centuries in the Indonesian-Malay World (encompassing present-day Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, southern Thailand, the southern Philippines, and diasporic communities in South Africa and Sri Lanka). The project employs the interlinear translation as a theoretical and methodological framework to study religious, intellectual, linguistic and artistic elements of a culture as they intersect, connect, and diverge on the page. It is a framework that invites exploring these interconnections from global, regional and local perspectives by “reading between the lines” of such translations, both concretely and metaphorically.


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Posting Date:     01/16/2022
Closing Date     04/16/2022