Workshop: (Re)thinking Pakistan

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An academic workshop designed to ideate inclusive and diverse narratives of Pakistani identity

19 January 9am-5pm, Lahore, Faletti's Hotel

Iqbal Akhtar
Florida International University
University of Management and Technology

Pakistan Needs a Healer's Touch
Rabia Akhtar
University of Lahore

Pakistan: Transition from Ideological Imaginary to a Nation State
Tahir Kamran
Beaconhouse National University

Rethinking Education to Counter Violent Extremism in Pakistan
Fatima Sajjad
University of Management and Technology

State of Higher Education in Pakistan, Challenges and Prospects
Mahboob Hussain
University of the Punjab

Youth and Pluralistic/Democratic Pakistan: The Role of Academia in Developing and Engaging Youth/Students
Fatima Ghani
F.C. College University

The Future of Extremism and Terrorism in Pakistan
Dayyab Gillani
University of the Punjab

Inclusive Pakistan: A Way Forward
Jiya Qazi
University of Management and Technology
University of Central Punjab

Deconstructing Fabricated Ideology for Pragmatic Transformation in Pakistan
Shakeel Ahmed
University of Peshawar

Keynote Address: What Can Go Wrong in Education in The Next 25 Years
Tariq Rahman
Beaconhouse National University

Breakout Session: What Are the Challenges to Creating a Multicultural Pakistan Through Higher Education?

Identify specific obstacles to change- Curriculum, teacher training, resources, government regulations, and administrative/community pushback Identify creative solutions- How do we engage minority, women, disadvantaged students? Who was not present today that should be included in future discussions? How do expand the remit of the project into local languages? How do we empower faculty and students through social entrepreneurship? What would an inclusive curriculum look like? Whose voices are missing? What commonalities exist across all communities in Pakistan? What precisely are the visions of Pakistan according to Allama Iqbal and Quiad-i-Azam? If you had all the money in the world, how would you change higher education to create a better citizenry?

Rejoining: Planning the Next Steps The final session will review the notes of each breakout group and open the floor to the entire workshop. Attendees will suggest next steps to continue and expand the discussion, research avenues, future publications, grant applications, and pilot projects to develop momentum in higher education for multicultural civics education in the coming decade. -

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