University of Oxford International History of East Asia Hilary 2022 Termcard

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International History of East Asia Seminar
Hilary Term 2022
Wednesdays Weeks 1, 3, 5, & 7

International History of East Asia Seminar for Hilary Term will be held over four sessions online. To attend, please see our upcoming posters or social media for details and click here to register.


Week 1: Missionaries, Civil Servants, and Military Officers: Competition and Entanglements in East and Southeast Asia (5 PM, 19 Jan.)

The Competition between Civil Servants and Military Officers in Foreign Affairs: Indonesia-Taiwan Relationship Establishment in the Late 1960s
Dong-Yu (Donny) Lin, National Taiwan Normal University

Missionaries, “Returning Overseas Chinese”, and National Reform – Xiamen’s Entangled History during the Era of Colonialism in China (1842-1945) with a Focus on Southeast Asian Connections
Sebestyén Hompot, University of Vienna


Week 3 Health and Hygiene in Late Modern Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore (1 PM, 2 Feb.)

From Hygienic Modernity to Green Modernity: Two Modes of Modern Living in Hong Kong Since the 1970s
Loretta Lou, University of Macau

Bitter Herb to Newborn Babies and New Nations: Tackling the Toxicity of Huang- Lian (Rhizoma Coptidis) in Singapore and Taiwan after World War II
Po-Hsun Chen, University of Manchester


Week 5 Militarizing Atomic Energy across the Taiwan Strait in the Cold War and Challenging the Nuclear Family in 19th Century Korea (5 PM, 16 Feb.)

Flexing the Nuclear Muscle: Atomic Energy in the Conflict between the People’s Republic of China and Taiwan at the Time of the Cold War
Laura Pflug, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

From Good Wife to Female Patriot: How Neo-Confucianism gave birth to female political agency in nineteenth century Korea
Young-Chan Choi, University of Oxford


Week 7 Between and Beyond Nation-Building and Self-Representation (5 PM, 2 March)

Between Westernization, Japanization and Self (Re-)Presentation: The Assessment of Art during the Era of Park Chung-hee, 1961-1979
Maria Sobotka, Freie Universität zu Berlin

Beyond the Nation-Building Narrative: Spatializing the Exhibitionary Complex in Republican Shanghai
Yiwen Liu, Cleveland Museum of Art



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Hilary 2022 convenors:
Thomas C. Burnham Simon Lam
Xiangming Chen Tommy Lo
Young-Chan Choi Weihan Sun
Zhixia Jin Lucas Tse

Seminar kindly supported by the University of Oxford China Centre