Call for Paper proposals on EU-Asia Pacific social and cultural dialogue: involving civil society in interregional relations

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Call for Papers
December 15, 2021
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Asian History / Studies, Diplomacy and International Relations, European History / Studies, Political Science, Social Sciences

Deusto Journal on European Studies  (CED)

Special Issue: EU-Asia Pacific social and cultural dialogue: involving civil society in interregional relations

The Asia-Pacific region is not only the world’s largest and most populous, but also home to some of the fastest growing economies in the world. In recent years, the European Union (EU) has become a key trading partner for most countries in the Asia-Pacific region and aims to play a relevant role in the stability of the region.

Beyond trade, investment, geostrategic and security challenges, as well as issues of connectivity and governance, the EU- Asia Pacific dialogue has also boosted the involvement of civil society in international politics.  Since the first ASEM (Asia-Europe Meeting) summit, held in Bangkok in 1996, ASEF (Asia Europe Foundation), as part of the ASEM architecture, has been forstering intellectual, cultural and people-to-people exchanges, with the misión of enhancing better mutual understanding and knowledge.

In a parallel way, and through parallel summits, AEPF (the Asia Europe People’s Forum), has mobilised civil society organisations, NGOs, higher education institutions, and think-tanks in order to promote the creation of an ASEM community of knowledge and stimulate dialogue on issues such as democracy and human rights, peace and social justice.

The involvement of civil society can contribute to enhancing mutual trust and knowledge as well as democratization processes and channels for citizen participation in those social issues with an impact on people’s lives. However, in the last decade, internal crises both in the EU and in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as a lack of real political will on both sides to support issues discussed in non-official processes, seem to have slowed down the intensity of interaction and cooperation between civil society organisations.

Drawing on these dynamics, a number of pressing questions present themselves:

-The growing involvement of civil society in non-official dialogues: actors and tools.

-The role of civil society in enhancing mutual trust and knowledge between the EU and Asia Pacific.

-Cooperation between civil societies of EU and Asia Pacific: its impact on foreign and security policy-making processes.

-Contribution of civil society to democratization processes and channels for citizen participation.

The special issue of CED “EU-Asia Pacific social and cultural dialogue: involving civil society in interregional relations” will particularly welcome articles addressing these and related issues.

How to submit:

Articles proposals should include a title and an abstract (max. 250) in English. PhD students and early stage researchers from EUNAP partner institutions are specifically encouraged to submit an article proposal, but we also welcome contributions from other researchers.

Please send your article proposals to the coordinators of this special issue:,

Abstract submission deadline extended to December 15, 2021

Abstract selection will be communicated by December 20, 2021.

Once selected, full articles should be submitted in English by May 22, 2022 at the latest.

Authors are invited to follow the style guidelines as detailed on the CED website


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