TOC Made in China, vol. 6, issue 2 (2021)

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I am happy to announce the publication of the latest issue of the Made in China Journal. You can download the PDF at this link:


The Chinese Trade Union to the Rescue: A Real Solution to Platform Workers’ Woes? |  Kevin Lin

The Third Road: Where Will Xi Jinping Go in 2022? |  Ling Li

Is the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank a Responsible Investor? |  Mark Grimsditch and Natalie Bugalski

The Final Sheathing of La Cuarta Espada |  Matthew Galway

Reining in Rogue Legislation |  Changhao Wei

The End of an Era? Two Decades of Shenzhen Urban Villages |  Mary Ann O'Donnell

Foreigner in China: Economic Transition and the Chinese State’s Vision of Immigration and Race |  Guangzhi Huang

The Chronopolitics of the Belt and Road Initiative and Its Reinvented Histories |  Maria Adele Carrai

The Past in the Present of Chinese International Development Cooperation |  Marina Rudyak

Builders from China: From Third-World Solidarity to Globalised State Capitalism |  Hong Zhang

Learning by Heart
: Training for Self-Reliance on the TAZARA Railway, 1968–1976 |  Jamie Monson

Revolution Offshore, Capitalism Onshore |  Taomo Zhou

Who Are Our Friends? 
Maoist Cultural Diplomacy and the Origins of the People’s Republic of China’s Global Turn |  Matthew Galway

From Mao’s Third Front to Xi’s Belt and Road Initiative
: A Conversation with Covell Meyskens |  Matthew Galway and Covell F. Meyskens

Maoism, Anti-Imperialism, and the Third World
 |  James Gethyn Evans

A Brief History of Pakistan–China Legal Relations |  Matthew S. Erie

From Neoliberalism to Geoeconomics
 |  Gregory V. Raymond

Growing Up and Going Global: 
Chinese Universities in the Belt and Road Initiative |  Andrea Braun Střelcová

Chinese Feminism Under (Self-)Censorship: Practice and Knowledge Production |  Zeng Jinyan

(Self-)Censorship and Chinese Feminist Networking in a Global Perspective |  Wang Zheng

Sexuality, Feminism, Censorship |  Ye Haiyan

Online (Self-)Censorship on Feminist Topics: Testimony of a #MeToo Survivor |  Xianzi

Overcoming the Conundrum of Being Made ‘Politically Sensitive’: Anti–Sexual Harassment Movements and (Self-)Censorship |  Feng Yuan

On Silence and the Reestablishment of Non-Western Connections |  Dušica Ristivojević

Taking a Step Back to Conduct Research and Liberal Feminism as a Theory of Action |  Huang Yun

In the Interstices of Patriarchal Order: Spaces of Female Agency in Chinese–Tajik Labour Encounters |  Irna Hofman

China’s Overseas Coal Pledge: What Next for Cambodia’s Energy Development? |  Mark Grimsditch

Ruptured Worlds: A Photo Essay on the Lower Sesan 2 Dam, Cambodia |  Sarah Milne, Sango Mahanty and Thomas Cristofoletti

Under the Water: Cambodian Artist Sreymao Sao on the Lived Experience of Hydropower Dams |  Soksophea Suong, Sango Mahanty and Sarah Milne

The Work of Culture |  Ivan Franceschini

Industrial Things in a Post-Industrial Society |  James A. Flath

The War on the Uyghurs: A Conversation with Sean R. Roberts |  Matthew P. Robertson and Sean R. Roberts

Primo Levi, Camp Power, and Terror Capitalism: A Conversation with Darren Byler |  Darren Byler and Ivan Franceschini

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