Position, 2022 Fellowship Opportunities at the National Museum of Asian Art, Freer Gallery of Art/Arthur M. Sackler Gallery

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The Association of Research Institutes in Art History (ARIAH) is a consortium of museums and research centers based in North America. ARIAH’s goal is to promote scholarship in art history and to foster intellectual exchange among art historians from different parts of the world. In pursuit of that goal, ARIAH has established a fellowship program that will enable scholars based in countries in East Asia to conduct research in the United States. Funding for this ARIAH East Asia Fellowship comes from the Getty Foundation.  The ARIAH East Asia Fellowship offers a short-term fellowship at the National Museum of Asian Art in Washington, DC. During the fellowship, scholars can visit and conduct research at other institutions. The fellowship should start no later than March 15, 2022. 

Website: http:// https://asia.si.edu/research/fellowships-internships

Posting date: 11/19/2021

Closing date: 02/15/2022