"Writing Mobility in Transnational Asia": A Rice University Research Symposium 2021 | Dec 2, 2021 09:25-10:40 AM in Central Time (US and Canada)

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"Writing Mobility in Transnational Asia": A Rice University Research Symposium 2021 | Dec 2, 2021 09:25 AM in Central Time (US and Canada)
Reg at https://riceuniversity.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJAudOqvpjsiH9Tn6TumYXlwCUeGIocb5lmP?fbclid=IwAR22QiwGA3HU_c5jGSAZlbxB4IlzNZpgut0n6JC0sTt7YT-ITUAXxr7mF4M

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In this zoom research symposium, we will explore new and innovative ways of writing mobilities in transnational Asia and discuss advances and new trends in research on migration and globalization. A group of Rice students will present their ongoing writing projects on a range of topics in Asia-Pacific migration and to interact with three transnational Asian Studies scholars who will provide expert comments on the presentations.

Invited Discussants:
1. Dr. Eric Siu-Kei Cheng (PhD in Anthropology, Calgary) is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Cultural Resources and Leisure Industries, National Taitung University, Taiwan. As an anthropologist, he is interested in research areas including but not limited to sustainability, human-environment relationship, food culture, and supply chain.

2. Dr. Nini Fang is an Assistant Professor in Counselling, Psychotherapy, and Applied Social Sciences at the University of Edinburgh. Dr. Fang’s teaching engages with relational approaches in bringing students to consider the historicity and on-going impacts of racism and pushes for a more politically sensitive training curriculum.

3. Dr. Ly Thuy Nguyen is an Assistant Professor in Asian American Studies and a founding member of the Critical Race and Ethnicity Studies department at Augsburg University. Dr. Nguyen received their doctorate degree in Ethnic Studies at UC San Diego. Dr. Nguyen studies transnational histories of war, race, and empire, utilizing approaches from women of color feminism, queer people of color critique, and critical refugee studies.

The symposium is convened by Dr. Ka-Kin Cheuk (ka-kin.cheuk@rice.edu), Annette and Hugh Gragg Postdoctoral Fellow in Transnational Asian Studies, and is sponsored by Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) Teaching Grant, Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry, Rice University