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October 26, 2021
Illinois, United States
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Asian History / Studies, Chinese History / Studies, East Asian History / Studies, Women's & Gender History / Studies

(Zoom Webinar)

"Riding through the Imperial City Gate on an Elephant’s Back: Women Rulers of the South in Literary Imagination"

Since Lien-sheng Yang published his seminal work “Female Rulers in China,” much research has been done on dowagers and empresses of imperial dynasties who held political power in place of their sons or husbands. In the south and southwest, however, women rulers have been systematical instead of exceptional. Known as nu tusi, or female chieftains, women rulers of the local non-Han peoples during the Ming-Qing period received attention from the literati, because they challenged Confucian social norms. The Chinese literati made a genealogy of women rulers of the south, representing them in various types of texts, including historical records, miscellaneous notes, gazetteers, fictions and pictorial images. In this talk Professor Hu will examine some examples to discuss how the images of women rulers of the south is formed rhetorically in their historical contexts.

Siao-chen Hu is Research Fellow at the Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy in the Academia Sinica, Taiwan. She is the author of Burning the Midnight Oil: The Rise of Female Narrative in Early Modern China (2003), The Southwest in Ming-Qing Literary Imagination (2017), and Citylandscape and Daily Life in Ming-Qing Narratives (2019). She is also the co-editor, with Wang Hongtai, of Discourse and Practice of Everyday Life (2011).

Date/Time: Oct 26, 2021 07:00 PM in Central Time US and Canada

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