TOC: South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies, Vol. 44, no. 4 (August 2021)

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South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies is pleased to announce the publication of Vol. 44, no. 4 (August 2021), available online via Taylor & Francis,

South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies, Vol. 44, no. 4 (August 2021)

Vernacular Apocalypse in Medieval Kashmir: The Mystical Poetry of Nund Rishi (1378-1440), by Abir Bazaz

Spaces of Indian Anti-Colonialism in Early Twentieth-Century London and Paris, by Ole Birk Laursen

Dispersal and Development: Two Key Moments in the Growth of Thane City, by Priya Sangameswaran

Writing Industrial Change in Urdu: Artisanship, Islam and Technology in Colonial India, by Amanda M. Lanzillo

A Poet's Ocean: Merchants and Imagination across Indian Ocean Gujarat, by Ketaki Pant

Women’s ‘Retrieval’ from Pakistan: ‘India’s Daughters’ and the Emotional History of Partition, by Deepra Dandekar

Talking Crime and Aggression: Tourism and Governance in Agra, India, by Riddhi Bhandari

A Majoritarian View of ‘Gender Justice’ in Contemporary India: Examining Media Coverage of ‘Triple Talaq’ and ‘Love Jihad’, by Amy Piedalue, Amanda Gilbertson and Manas Raturi

From Worse than Dogs to Heroic Tigers: Situating the Animal in Dalit Autobiographies, by Aniruddha Mukhopadhyay

Bhutanese or Nepali? The Politics of Ethnonym Ambiguity, by Andrew Nelson and Kathryn Stam

Divisive Politics of the Inner Line Permit in Three Stories from Manipur in India’s Northeast, by Natasa Thoudam

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