Member Book, Li and Hsiang eds. Taiwan's Relations with Latin America: A Strategic Rivalry between the United States, China, and Taiwan

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I am delighted to inform you that the following book has been published and is available in both hardcover and eBook.

He Li and Antonio C. Hsiang (eds) Taiwan's Relations with Latin America: A Strategic Rivalry between the United States, China, and Taiwan, Lexington Books, 2021 Pages: 312, ISBN 978-1-7936-5344-4

As the first English-language book on Taiwan’s relations with Latin America, this book examines the major issues and theoretical debates on Taiwan’s activities in Latin America, and its relations with the US and China. Latin America has become a crucial frontline for Taiwan. Today, more than at any time since the end of WWII, Taiwan’s future as an independent state hinges on the balance of power between the United States and China. This book provides the most detailed and sophisticated analysis of contemporary Taiwan’s relations with Latin America and offers insight into the US-China rivalry in the “backyard” of the United States. By bringing together a group of scholars from Taiwan, US, and Latin America, this book examines Taiwan-Latin America relations on various issues amid the intensifying the US-China strategic competition, such as public diplomacy, trade, investment, energy, and cultural exchanges. More than ever before, an understanding of Taiwan’s relations with Latin America and the great power rivalry in the Western Hemisphere is essential for students and policy makers alike. The book will be of great interest to university students at all levels, as well as specialists on international relations, foreign policy, as well as Asian and Latin American studies.

Table of Contents


1.US-China-Taiwan Rivalry in Latin America

He Li

2.Theorizing Taiwan’s Relations with Latin America

Antonio C. Hsiang

3.Dance with the Dragon: Through the Eyes of Taiwan’s Three Ambassadors in Latin America

Yang Chien-ping

4.Republic of China on Taiwan’s Relations with Latin America (1990–2020): The Role of Development Assistance

Chung-Chian Teng


5.Energy Policies and Politics Compared: Taiwan and Latin America

Floriano Filho

6.Public Diplomacy at Work: Economic and Cultural Ties between Mexico and Taiwan

Fabricio A. Fonseca


7.Taiwan’s Relations with the Northern Triangle

Felipe Fan

8.Taiwan & Nicaragua’s Suitable Alliance

Valeria Holguin Arcia

9.Economic Statecraft: Taiwan and Colombia

Lorenzo Maggiorell

10.Taiwanese-Argentine Cooperation in Clean Energy: Exploring Opportunity Amid the US-China Rivalry

Juan Uriburu

11.The PRC Advance in Central America in the Context of Covid-19

R. Evan Ellis

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