CONFERENCE > A Forest of Knowledge about the Texts and Images regarding Buddhist Saints, Sages, Translators, and Encyclopedists: A Conference in Honour of Dr. Koichi Shinohara’s 80th Birthday

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Dear colleagues,

We are excited to announce that the registration for A Forest of Knowledge about the Texts and Images regarding Buddhist Saints, Sages, Translators, and Encyclopedists: A Conference in Honour of Dr. Koichi Shinohara’s 80th Birthday is open.

Date: October 14–16, 2021

Time: Conference begins daily at 6:00 am PDT | 9:00 EDT | 2:00pm UK | 9:00pm China




This online international conference is jointly hosted by the Glorisun Global Network for Buddhist Studies at UBC and Yale University, and the Institute of Asian Civilization of the University of Zhejiang in honour of Prof. Koichi Shinohara. For over half a century, Prof. Shinohara’s research has deeply inspired and influenced the fields of Chinese Buddhist studies, East Asian Buddhist studies, Religious studies, and those who specialize in cross-cultural research about sacred biographies or hagiographies. This conference will honour his career by emphasizing his contributions to the study of medieval East Asian Buddhist texts and images, as well as explore other topics such as monastic biographies or hagiography, medieval Chinese Buddhist studies, East Asian Buddhist literature and especially encyclopedias or compendia.

This event free and open to the public.


Schedule: (times below are in PDT)

DAY 1 – October 14

Session 1 (6:00am - 7:10am)
Welcoming Remarks from cosponsors, Laudatory and Congratulatory messages, & Keynote Speech

1.1.   Remarks from cosponsors, Laudatory and Congratulatory messages

1.2.   Gregory Schopen (UCLA): Image Processions and Monastic Fund Drives in Early and Medieval India (Keynote Speech)

Session 2 (7:20am - 8:10am)
Cave Practices (Chair: Ven. Sheng Kai; Co-Discussants: James ROBSON and YI Lidu 衣麗都)

2.1.   Eugene Wang 汪悅進 (Harvard): Visual Narratives of What?: Uncovering the Deep Script of Meditation Scenes in Buddhist Cave Shrines

2.2.   Wei Zheng 韋正 (PekingU): 雲岡石窟營造的時空順序

2.3.   Shi Jiangang 石建剛 (Northwest Industrial U [Xi’an]): 北宋沿邊安定堡漢蕃軍民的護國萬菩薩堂——陝西子長北宋鍾山第10 窟主題思想探析

2.4.   Zhang Liming 張利明 (Zhejiang U): “捨身飼虎” 故事的犍陀羅原貌及其在中國的發展Practices

2.5.   Yi Lidu 衣麗都 (Florida State University): Word, Image and Performance in Yungang 雲岡石窟譯經與造像——從《大吉義神咒經》談起

Session 3 (8:20am - 9:20am)
Esoteric Buddhism (1) (Chair: Ben BROSE; Discussant: Robert SHARF)

3.1.   Wang Jinping 王錦萍 (National University of Singapore): From Scriptural to Familial: Textual Shifts of Zunsheng Dhāranī Tomb Pillars in Middle-Period Northern Shanxi

3.2.   Albert Welter (University of Arizona): Text and Image in Wuyue: An Investigation of King Qian Chu’s Printing of The Precious Chest Seal Dhārani Sūtra

3.3.   George Keyworth (Saskatchewan): On the Transmission of Sacred Teachings Documents as Depictions of Transmission in Medieval Shingon Buddhism in Japan

3.4.   Jacqueline Stone (Princeton): Joining the Assembly on Eagle Peak: Text, Image, and Empowerment in Nichiren’s “Great Mandala”

DAY 2 – October 15

Session 4 (6:00am - 7:00am)
Inter-faiths (Chair: Youn-mi KIM; Co-Discussants: Susan ANDREWS and Zhiyuan CHEN)

4.1.   Yan Yaozhong 嚴耀中 (Beijing Normal University 北京師範大學):隨觀念在時空中演變的形象——以五道大神為例

4.2.   Michael Nylan (UC Berkeley) & Thomas Hahn (UC Berkeley): Kuaiji’s 會稽 “forgotten century”: The cult of Great Yu 大禹, and Kuaiji today

4.3.   Liu Yi 劉屹 (Capital Normal University 首都師範大學): Laozi and Buddha under the Shadow of the Imperial Canopy: Rethinking of the Buddhist Images in the Han Dynasty 華蓋之下的黃老與浮屠——關於漢代佛教圖像的省思

4.4.   James Robson (Harvard): Guilded Gods: On Images of Deities Connected with Guild Cults in China

4.5.   Chen Huaiyu 陳懷宇 (Arizona State University): Textuality and Materiality: Buddhist and Daoist Stone Lanterns in Medieval China

4.6.   Sun Yinggang 孫英剛 (ZhejiangU): 從犍陀羅到中國:五道大神考

Session 5 (7:10am - 8:15am)
Text, Printing and Map (Chair: TBC; Discussant: TONG Ling 童嶺)

5.1.   Guo Lei 郭磊 (Dongguk University 韓國東國大學): 明通潤《維摩詰所說經直疏》之朝鮮刊本考

5.2.   Wu Xiaojie 伍小劼 (Shanghai Normal University 上海師範大學): 韓國藏刻本《十王經》與《受生經》合刊現象初探——兼談「受生錢」的製作

5.3.   Hu Xiaozhong 胡孝忠 (ShandongU 山東大學): 山東現存最早佛教地圖——金代《靈巖寺田園界至圖》研究

5.4.   Susan Andrews (Mount Allison): Reconstructing Northern Dynasties religious life through the Ancient Chronicle miscellanea

5.5.   Alexander Hsu (University of Notre Dame): A Forest of Accounts of Compiling the Buddhist Canon: Daoshi on Collecting and Collected Scriptures

Session 6 (8:25am - 9:20am)
Cross-border Transmission (Chair: Shoufu YIN; Co-Discussants: Max Deeg and FAN Jingjing)

6.1.   Robert Brown (UCLA): Xuanzang’s Indian Icons

6.2.   James Benn (McMaster): East Asian Buddhist attitudes towards non-Buddhist practitioners in India

6.3.   Minku Kim 金玟求 (CUHK): The Lore of A Floated Stone Image of Buddha Vipaśyin in Southern Dynasties China and A Curious Analogue in Shaoxing 紹興 Museum

6.4.   Chen Jinhua 陳金華 (UBC): A Future Buddha Casting for a Past Buddha: Marginalia on the Puti Ruixiang 菩提瑞像 (Auspicious Image of the Sakyamuni Buddha under the Bodhi-tree) and Its Transmission from South to East Asia

6.5.   Li Wei 李巍 (He’nanU 河南大學): “捨身飼虎”“割肉貿鴿”文本及其圖像化——兼論阿育王佛塔圖像中的捨身主題

DAY 3 – October 16

Session 7 (6:00am - 7:00am)
Sacred Biography (Chair: SUN Yinggang; Discussant: Chen Huaiyu 陳懷宇)

7.1.   Max Deeg (Cardiff): Expanding the Master(‘s) Hagiography: The Fo benxing ji jing 佛本行集經: An Understudied Biography of the Buddha

7.2.   Fan Jingjing 范晶晶 (PekingU 北京大學): Why Did the Buddha Renounce the World?: A preliminary Survey of the Textual and Iconographical Traditions of the Great Renunciation

7.3.   Liu Xuejun 劉學軍 (Jiangsu Second Normal University): From Life-Portraying Verse to Biography: Stylistic Style and Cultural Connotation of the Biographies of Eminent Monks (從像 贊到僧傳《高僧傳》書寫之文體 樣式及文化內涵)

7.4.   Chen Lang 陳朗 (Michigan): The Afterlife of the ‘Universal History’ of Tiantai

7.5.   Feng Guodong 馮國棟 (ZhejiangU 浙江大學): 禪宗“五祖重來”的文本與圖像

Session 8 (7:10am - 7:50am)
Daoxuan’s Worlds: Factual and Imaginary (Chair: Alex KALOYANIDES ; Discussant: George KEYWORTH)

8.1.   Tong Ling 童嶺 (Nanjing U 南京大學): 開皇神光與大業沸騰——道宣《集神州三寶感通錄》的隋代書寫 | Divine Light in Kaihuang開皇 and Ebullition in Daye大業: Daoxuan’s 道宣 Writing About Sui Dynasty in Ji Shenzhou Sanbao Gantong Lu集神州三寶感通錄

8.2.   Ho Puay-peng 何培斌 (National University of Singapore 新加坡國立大學): Illustrating the Ideal: Transmission of Spatial Form in Medieval China and Japan

8.3.   Chen Zhiyuan 陳志遠 (Chinese Academy of Social Science): 《律相感通傳》文本形态的變遷

8.4.   Nelson Landry (Oxford): Daoxuan and the Medieval Chinese encounter with cult-objects

Session 9 (8:00am - 8:35am)
Esoteric Buddhism (2) (Chair HAO Chunwen; Discussant: Eugene WANG)

9.1.   Wei Xiaomei 未小妹 & Yao Qilin 姚淇琳 (Academy of Dazu Rock Carvings 大足石刻研究院): 千手觀音文本與圖像關係探討(三): 以初唐時期為主

9.2.   Youn-mi Kim  金延美 (Ehwa Womans University 韓國梨花女子大學): Between Image and Text: Tracing the Transformation of a Buddhist Talisman from Dunhuang and Korea

9.3.   Joseph P. Elacqua (Leiden): The Next Mandala that Gathers All: Śubhakarasiṃha and the Deities of the Womb Realm

8:35 am - 9:00am    Closing remarks


Kind regards,
Carol Lee