Closing of Humanities and Social Science Departments in Japanese Universities

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I pass on the following notice regarding the closing of humanities and social sciences programs in Japanese national universities.  For further information, please contact A.D. Smith at the address below.  This message contains more specific details than earlier missives.


Philip Brown


From: Smith, Andrew <>
Date: Monday, 21 September 2015 10:57
Subject: future of social sciences and humanities in Japan


Dear Fellow Academics, 

Japan's current education minister is intent to closing all of the humanities, economics, law, and social science departments in the country's public sector universities, which include University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, and indeed most of the other elite, research-intensive institutions. The jobs of many of our Japanese colleagues are at stake, since most Japanese business historians work in the affected departments. 

Here is a link to the Times Higher Education Supplement story about the closure of social science and humanities departments in Japan.

The specious justification for the closure of these departments is financial cost. There may be another agenda at work. We believe that this petition, which is addressed to both the Minister of Education and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe may be effective since Japan's ruling party is divided into rival factions, not all of which shares the anti-intellectual or ultra-nationalist views of the current Minister of Education. 

Please share this important petition with all of your contacts.

Please note that my support for this petition reflects only my views. The petition does not represent the views of the University of Liverpool. 

Many thanks, 



Andrew Smith

Director of Studies, International Business

Lecturer in International Business, University of Liverpool Management School.

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