Call for Blog Submissions, Published in Tandem with Guest-Edited Themed Issue "Un/Desirable Journeys ←→ Queer Elsewheres: South Asian Imaginaries Across Intersectional Terrain" (Feminist Review Issue 133, March 2023)

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The Feminist Review Blog invites submissions in a range of multimedia formats to be published in tandem with the guest-edited themed journal issue in Feminist Review (Issue 133, March 2023) on the theme of ‘Un/Desirable Journeys ←→ Queer Elsewheres: South Asian Imaginaries Across Intersectional Terrain.’ The submission deadline for works to be published in the Feminist Review Blog is 1 December 2021. 

Original works may come in a range of forms and formats, including but not exclusive to: 

  • essays
  • digital content: films (live action, animation, and experimental), digital media
  • visual artwork: drawings, paintings, sculpture, photography, mixed media collage, graphic design, conceptual, and other works
  • performances: music performances, music videos, sound art, theatre, spoken word poetry, experimental, and other works
  • written works and/or excerpts of personal narratives, poetry, and prose
  • curated artworks, video art, short films, DJ sets, original music compositions, sound art, and other developed works or works in progress
  • any other artistic and/or scholarly work field of study related to queer and/or trans South Asia. 

If you would like to discuss your ideas for your submission with the guest editors, please send an email describing your proposed proposed contribution (250 words) with the subject line “Queer Elsewheres FR Blog: Expression of Interest’ to before or by 15 October 2021. For the sake of maintaining the integrity of anonymous review, your message will be anonymised before being passed on to the editorial team. For complete blog submissions details, see the Call for Blog Submissions on the Feminist Review website.

As a reminder to those who wish to contribute articles and Open Space pieces to the guest-edited themed journal issue of Feminist Review, submissions are due by 1 October 2021. For complete paper submissions details, see the Call for Papers on the Feminist Review website.