new publications on food in China

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Hello all,

I've recently put out a couple of publications that those following topics related to food in China may find interesting. Since they're not in the usual Asian studies venues, I thought it was worth mentioning to the list.

"There’s a Body in the Kitchen! A Cook’s-Eye View of Sichuan Cuisine" discusses the transmission of culinary knowledge based on my experience learning Sichuan cooking in a Chengdu trade school and in the kitchens of two of the city’s best-regarded restaurants. It questions the role of heritage programs in upscaling training, emphasizes the socialization process of a working kitchen, and extols the unique insights to be gained from getting your hands dirty.


"Fast food for thought: Finding Global History in a Beijing McDonald’s" is a student-friendly exploration of China's McDonald's in the context of globalization, focusing specifically on the themes of cultural exchange and material networks. This piece was written for the online pedagogy journal World History Connected, and includes ideas for student projects.

World History Connected, Volume 18, Number 2, June/July 2021


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Thomas David DuBois 杜博思
Professor of Humanities, Beijing Normal University | 北京范大学文学院教授