TOC Asian Ethnology, vol. 80, issue 1 (2021)

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Dear colleagues,

We wish to acknowledge that Asian Ethnology has reached a significant academic milestone since its inception in 1942. We are marking the eightieth birthday of the journal this year by publishing its eightieth volume.

Asian Ethnology 80-1, a special issue on South Asian Nationalisms guest edited by Frank J. Korom and Jan Magnusson, is now available as downloadable PDFs or via your browser.

Thank you for your continued support of Asian Ethnology.

Kind regards,

Benjamin Dorman and Frank J. Korom

Co-editors, Asian Ethnology


Special Issue: South Asian Nationalisms
Guest Editors:  Frank J. Korom and Jan Magnusson



Frank J. Korom and Jan Magnusson
Guest Editors’ Introduction


Peter van der Veer
What Transcends the Nation?


Jürgen Schaflechner
A Specter Is Haunting Pakistan! Nationalism in Pakistan’s Horror Pulp Fiction


Jan Magnusson
Jellyfishing in the Postcolonial Nation State: Baltistan through the Zomia Lens


Mara Malagodi
Holy Cows and Constitutional Nationalism in Nepal


Mari Miyamoto, Jan Magnusson and Frank J. Korom
Animal Slaughter and Religious Nationalism in Bhutan


Frank J. Korom
New Year’s Day Performances as Nationalist Discourse in Bangladesh


Susan A. Reed
Bathed in Blood: Ritual Performance as Political Critique

Boris Wille
Defending Islam in an Islamic State: Islamic Nationalist Discourse, Democratic Reform, and the Religious Commitment of the State in the Maldives


Ted Svensson
South Asian Nationalisms: Concluding Reflections

Book reviews