TOC Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology, vol. 22, issue 2–3 (2021)

Diana Glazebrook Discussion

The Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology, vol. 22, issue 2–3 (April/June 2021)


The Value of Ethnographic Research on Music

Guest Editors: Georgia Curran and Mahesh Radhakrishnan


The Value of Ethnographic Research on Music: An Introduction

Georgia Curran & Mahesh Radhakrishnan


Documenting the Dreaming: Designs and Songs of the Present, in the Past, for the Future

Megan Jones Morais


‘Shake it and Dance': Portuguese Burgher Identity and the Performance of Káfriinha

Mahesh Radhakrishnan


Engaging with a Genre in Decline: Teochew Opera in Western Sydney

Nicholas Ng


Sampling Ceremony: Hip-hop Workshops and Intergenerational Cultural Production in the Central Australian Desert

Sudiipta Shamalii Dowsett


Performing Purlapa: Projecting Warlpiri Identity in a Globalised World

Georgia Curran & Otto Jungarrayi Sims



FORUM: Voices of the Rainforest


Voices of the Rainforest and Gifts that Keep on Giving

Steven Feld


Steve Feld and the Institute of Papua New Guinea Studies

Don Niles


The Value of Listening, and Really Listening … 

Iinus S. Digim’Rina


Iconicities of Immersion After Voices of the Rainforest

Lisa Stefanoff


A Movie for Your Ears

Daniel Fisher


On the Acoustemology of a Day in the Life of Bosavi

P. G. Toner


On a Boulder in the River

Tanisha Jowsey


Sensing the Acoustics of a New Guinea Rainforest

Borut Telban