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 Afro-South Asia in the Global African Diaspora Volume 1: African Rulers and Generals in India: edited by Omar H. Ali, Kenneth X. Robbins, Beheroze Shroff, and Jazmin Graves: 260 pages, ISBN 979-8731350112

Dear Fellow Scholars,

    As we have self-published the final volume in the three-part series we are proud to announce the publication of African Rulers and Generals in India, the first volume in the Afro-South Asia in the Global African Diaspora series, which includes 250 color illustrations and reproduced documents and contributions from 10 scholars. The volume seeks to explore the elite Africans who have impacted South Asia.

Making the transoceanic journeys as sailors, soldiers, scholars, and slaves, Africans made their way to India where some rose to positions of power as rulers (Malik Ambar of Ahmadnagar and Nawab Sidi Ahmad Khan of Janjira), generals ( Hoshu Mohammad Sheedi of Sindh), leaders of freedom struggles (Begum Hazrat Mahal  of Awadh), artists (Bilal Habshi), and even actors (Zubeida, who starred in the first Indian talkie).  

Table of Contents


1.1 Introduction: Afro-South Asia in the Global African Diaspora 

Omar H. Ali, Kenneth X. Robbins, Beheroze Shroff, and Jazmin Graves   


1.2 Africans in India

Sylviane A. Diouf    



2.1 East Indian Savants in South Asia: Premodern Afro-Asian Intellectual Interactions

Mahmood Kooria  


2.2 The Paintings of Bilal Habshi in the Razmnama of 1598-9

Kenneth X. Robbins   



3.1 The King of Awadh’s Africans

Rosie Llewellyn-Jones   


3.2 Malik Ambar: Abyssinian Defender of the Deccan

Omar H. Ali    


3.3a The Africans of Wanaparthy: A Contribution to Hyderabad History 

Benjamin B. Cohen    

Appendix: Descriptions of the Uniforms

Tony McClenaghan


3.3b African Cavalry Guards: Siddi Body Politic and Identity Ambivalence

Ababu Minde Yimene   


3.4 General Hoshu Muhammad Sheedi Qambrani: Defender of Sind

           Kenneth X. Robbins 


3.5  African Odysseys: Africa, India and Beyond in the Early Modern World

Thomas Lockley  



4.1 The Fort of Janjira

Pushkar Sohoni  


4.2 The “Modern” Janjira of Sidi Ahmad Khan: The Feminist Begum, the Character Assassination of the Nawab, and the Beautiful New Palace

Kenneth X. Robbins     


4.3 ‘African Identity’ and ‘Color’: The Dynasty of Sachin and the Movie Star Zubeida

Kenneth X. Robbins    

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