[Sci-Tech Asia Virtual Seminar] (June 25th, 2021) "Toward Knowing: Engaging Chinese Medical Worlds" by Lili Lai (Peking University)

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We're happy to announce the twelfth Sci-Tech Asia Virtual Seminar! All welcome!
Toward Knowing: Engaging Chinese Medical Worlds

Dr. Lili Lai (School of Health Humanities, Peking University)

June 25, 2021, 12:00 - 1:30pm (GMT+1)
Re-exploring recent research on nationality medicines of southwestern China, this talk reports visits to three mountain herbalists, describing the particular ways they practice knowing and use their expertise to treat difficult disorders. In that frictional field of medicine where expertise is not just possession of knowledge, it is also skills, politics, ethics, manipulations, ideologies, and more than one set of ontological assumptions. On the road through a mostly unknowable world, such Chinese healers expect transformations in both those who know and in what can be known and enacted. These lives teach us how to know not through concepts but through the irreducible patterning of life.
About the Speaker:
A medical anthropologist with an additional expertise in the anthropology of knowledge, Lili Lai’s research interests focus on body, everyday life, and medical practices. Her publications include Hygiene, Sociality, and Culture in Contemporary Rural China (2016), and Gathering Medicines: Nation and Knowledge in China’s Mountain South (2021, co-authored with Judith Farquhar).
June 25, 2021
12:00 - 1:30pm (GMT+1)
This webinar will take place online via Zoom.
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The seminar is supported by the Department of Life Sciences and Research Center for Anthropology and Health (CIAS), University of Coimbra.
Webinar Convenors: Dr. Loretta Lou (University of Macau), Prof. Gonçalo Santos (University of Coimbra) and Dr. Yichen Rao (University of Hong Kong).