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I am happy to announce the publication of an exhibition catalogue on Chinese book culture, based on the holdings of various libraries and museums of Leipzig, Germany, with a focus on printed books and manuscripts from the sixteenth to the early twentieth centuries.


Book Culture from China: Traces in Leipzig

Edited by Philip Clart, Elisabeth Kaske, and Ulrich Johannes Schneider

Leipzig: Leipziger Universitätsverlag, 2021. 116 pages; ISBN 978-3-96023-391-6.


Buchkultur aus China – Leipziger Spuren

Herausgegeben von Philip Clart, Elisabeth Kaske und Ulrich Johannes Schneider

Leipzig: Leipziger Universitätsverlag, 2021. 116 Seiten; ISBN 978-3-96023-389-3.


The catalogue was intended to accompany several exhibitions in conjunction with the 23rd Biennial Conference of the European Association for Chinese Studies at Leipzig University, originally planned for August 2020. The conference and most of the exhibitions (including the main one at Leipzig University Library) had to be called off last year owing to the pandemic. The EACS conference will now be held digitally in August of 2021 ( and will be accompanied by a virtual book exhibition at Leipzig University Library, based on this catalogue. A “real” book exhibition is planned for 2022 or 2023.


The catalogue is published in two language versions (German & English). Here I give only the table of contents of the English version.



Preface, A Brief History of Chinese Books, Chronology of the Main Periods of Chinese History



Chinese Antiquarianism, Multilingualism in the Qing Dynasty (1644—1911), Epistolary Guidebooks, Religions in China, Books for Moral Edification, Practical Arts, Geographic Knowledge, Images of China in the 17th Century, Early European Studies of the Chinese Language, Hans Georg Conon von der Gabelentz (1840—1893)



Leipzig University Library’s Sinica Collection, Imperial Patents, The Chinese Scholar’s House, The Chinese Typewriter, Clay — Wood — Lead: The Beginnings of Movable Type Production in East Asia and Europe, The Chinese Collections of the Grassi Museum of Ethnography in Leipzig, Leipzig and Nanjing: The Beginnings of Their Sister City Status


For further information, see (English ed.) (German ed.)


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Philip Clart


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