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The Sino-Judaic Institute, a U.S. based non-profit organization, has a totally redone website with a new address.  SJI is devoted to the study of the historical Jewish communities of Kaifeng, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Harbin & Tianjin, as well as contemporary foci of Sino-Judaic cross-cultural contacts such as adoptions, diasporas, literature, and religion.  Please visit us at

The Sino-Judaic Institute doesn't have a single Chinese name listed among its officers or managing board? That strikes me as a little odd for an organization whose stated mission is "promoting understanding between Chinese and Jewish peoples."

Paul R. Goldin
University of Pennsylvania does not open

It is true that our Managing Board, which is US-based, currently lacks any Chinese-American members, but our International Advisory Board has a good number of Chinese members, comprising many of the experts in our field of endeavor.

Anson Laytner
Sino-Judaic Institute