(Conference) Queer/Feminist/Praxis in Korea and the Korean Diaspora 4/8-4/23

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Virtual Conference

Queer/Feminist/Praxis: Intersections of Performance, Visual Arts, and Activism in Korea and the Korean Diaspora

RISD, April 8-23, 2021


Registration: https://qfp.risd.edu/views/events.html


Queer/Feminist/Praxis brings together scholars, artists, designers, and filmmakers to explore visual arts and activism revolving in and around the LGBTQIA+ and feminist experience in South Korea and the Korean diaspora. The three-weeklong conference will feature panel sessions, performance and film screenings, artist’s talks, roundtable discussions, and a virtual exhibition. The conference events share a special focus on the discourse and praxis of queer feminism in contemporary cultural productions of Korea and the Korean diaspora. While South Korean feminist and LGBTQIA+ activists, scholars, and artists have transformed both the discourse of queer feminism and the everyday praxis of queer living, the academic response to the ground-breaking changes have been underwhelming. In anticipation of more fruitful conversations, the conference aims to bring together the current scholarship, activism, and cultural productions reflecting the on-going transformation of the field. The goal of the conference includes enlivening trans-Pacific dialogues on the visual culture of queer/feminist experience in Korea and the Korean diaspora. Initially planned as an in-person event at Rhode Island School of Design, the conference now also reflects on what it means to perform, collaborate, and exhibit works virtually in times of pandemic.


Week 1 Queer/Feminist Desires in Transnational Korea

Thursday, April 8, 11-12:30pm ET

Roundtable: A Conversation with Feminist Designer Social Club

- Moderated by Minkyoung Kim (RISD)


Friday, April 9, 4:15-5:45pm ET

Session 1: Queer Desires, Trans Desires & Desirelessness

  • Eunjung Kim (Syracuse University)
  • So-Rim Lee (Columbia University)
  • Jongwoo Jeremy Kim (Carnegie Mellon University)
  • Discussant: Samuel Perry (Brown University)

Week 2 Q/F/P: Activism & Performance

Tuesday, April 13, 6:15-7:45pm ET

Session 2: Queer and Trans Activism in Korea and the Korean Diaspora

  • Sooyoung Kim (Emory University)
  • Ju Hui Judy Han (UCLA)
  • John Won (KQTx National Network)
  • Discussant: Jiyeon Kang (University of Iowa)

Thursday, April 15, 7:00-8:30pm ET

Artist’s Talk: KyungMook Kim

with Una Chung (Sarah Lawrence College)


Friday, April 16, 6:15-7:45pm ET

Live Performance & Artist’s Talk: Sungjae Lee

with Avishek Ganguly (RISD)


Week 3 Q/F/P: TransAsia

Tuesday, April 20, 6:15-7:45pm ET

Artist’s Talk: Kang Seung Lee

with Lisi Raskin (RISD)


Thursday, April 22, 7:00-8:30pm ET

Artist’s Talk: siren eun young jung

with Yeong Ran Kim (Sarah Lawrence College)


Friday, April 23, 4:30-6:00pm

Roundtable: A Conversation with Hyperlink Press

- Moderated by Jung Joon Lee (RISD) & Yeong Ran Kim (SLC)


Organized by

Jung Joon Lee, Associate Professor, Theory and History of Art and Design, Rhode Island School of Design

Yeong Ran Kim, Mellon Digital Media Fellow, Filmmaking & Moving Image Arts, Sarah Lawrence College


We look forward to seeing you there. With any further inquiries, please contact the organizers at qfp@risd.edu.


Conference website: https://qfp.risd.edu

Registration: https://qfp.risd.edu/views/events.html

Contact: qfp@risd.edu


Queer/Feminist/Praxis is sponsored by The Mr. and Mrs. Cho Fund, the Turner Theatrical and Performance Design Fund, RISD Liberal Arts Division, AAS NEAC, the Korea Foundation, and RISD Center for Social Equity & Inclusion.